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School Integrated Program

General Instructions:

Read the following instructions carefully.

1 . Total duration of the examination is 60 Mins
2All questions are compulsory.
3.  This exam has 4 sections. Each section has 15 Questions.

4.  Total questions: 60 and Maximum marks: 240. Details are below

Sr No.Section NameNo. of QuestionMaximum MarksNegative MarksPositive Marks


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Category: Biology

Which of the following hormones is responsible for strengthening the uterus wall so as the implantation can be supported?

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Category: Biology

Which of the following is a unisexual flower?

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Category: Biology

Assertion: Food chains generally consist of only three or four steps.

Reason: Our food grains such as wheat and rice, vegetable and fruits and even meat contain varying amounts of pesticides.

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Category: Biology

Humans have two different sex chromosomes, X and Y. Based on Mendel’s laws, a male offspring will inherit which combination of chromosomes?

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Category: Biology

Which of the following statements is true?

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Category: Biology

Study the given figure and select the correct statement:

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Category: Biology

In what ways non- biodegradable substances affect the environment?

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Category: Biology

Look at the diagram and choose the correct option.

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Category: Biology

Identify the color of A:

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Category: Biology

Assertion:  Each and every child has two versions of DNA-  both paternal and maternal.

Reason:  Both the father and the mother contribute equal amounts of genetic materials to their child.

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Category: Biology

Involuntary actions in the body are controlled by:

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Category: Biology

Assertion: Respiration is a biochemical process opposite to photosynthesis.      

Reason: Respiration is an oxidation process where glucose in presence of carbon dioxide releases 38 molecules of Adenosine triphosphate.

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Category: Biology

The driving force of any ecosystem is

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Category: Biology

The diagram shows the human gut. Which numbered structures secrete digestive enzymes?


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Category: Biology

What does blood consist of?

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Category: Physics

Which of the following changes occur when you walk out of bright sunshine into a poorly lit room?

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Category: Physics

When a 4Ω resistor is connected across the terminals of a 12V battery, the number of coulombs passing through the resistor per second is:

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Category: Physics

The angle of incidence for of light passing through the center of curvature of a concave mirror is:

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Category: Physics

Which of the following statements is correct?

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Category: Physics

A boy is whirling a stone tied with a string in a horizontal circular path the string breaks, the stone:

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Category: Physics

Two wires of the same metal have the same length but their cross-sectional area is in the ratio 3 : 1. They are joined in series. The resistance of the thicker wire is 10Ω. The total resistance of the combination will be.

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Category: Physics

The potential difference across the 3Ω resistor is:

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Category: Physics

Which of the following energy changes involves frictional force?

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Category: Physics

The current in the wire is directed towards east and wire is placed in a magnetic field towards north the force on the wire is:

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Category: Physics

An AC source has a frequency of 50Hz. The number of times, its direction changes in one second is:

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Category: Physics

If the direction of electric current in a solenoid when viewed from a particular end is anticlockwise, then this end of solenoid will be:

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Category: Physics

An electric heater is rated at 2kW. Electrical energy costs Rs 4 per kWh. What is the cost of using the heater for 3 hours?

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Category: Physics

A constant current flow in a horizontal wire in the plane of the paper from east to west as shown in Figure. The direction of magnetic field at a point will be North to South:

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Category: Physics

A converging lens is used to produce an image of an object on a screen,object on a screen. What change is needed for the image to be formed nearer to the lens?

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Category: Physics

The resistance of a wire of length 300m and cross-section area 1.0 mm2 made of material of resistivity  1.0 × 10 -7 Ω m is

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Category: Chemistry

What is the percentage of fat present in milk of full cream?

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Category: Chemistry

Which one of the following can be used as an acid-base indicator by a visually impaired (blind) student?

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Category: Chemistry

18 g of water is electrolysed. The weight of oxygen formed will be

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Category: Chemistry

Which of the following statements are usually correct for carbon compounds? These

(i) are good conductors of electricity
(ii) are poor conductors of electricity
(iii) have strong forces of attraction between their molecules
(iv) do not have strong forces of attraction between their molecules

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Category: Chemistry

In the above reaction the colour of iodine is

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Category: Chemistry

Ag2S reacts with H2SO4 to form

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Category: Chemistry

Which of the following contains covalent bond?

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Category: Chemistry

Barium chloride on reacting with ammonium sulphate forms barium sulphate and ammonium chloride. Which of the following correctly represents the type of the reaction involved?

(i) Displacement reaction
(ii) Precipitation reaction
(iii) Combination reaction
(iv) Double displacement reaction

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Category: Chemistry

Metals are refined by using different methods. Which of the following metals are refined by electrolytic refining?


(i) Au
(ii) Cu
(iii) Na
(iv) K


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Category: Chemistry

Which of the following gives the correct increasing order of acidic strength ?

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Category: Chemistry

Shivam visited an LPG unit and found that the gas can be liquified at specific conditions of temperature and pressure. Help him to identify the correct set of conditions.

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Category: Chemistry

The electronic configuration of Rb(37) will be

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Category: Chemistry

The chemical symbol for sodium is

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Category: Chemistry

Carbon forms four covalent bonds by sharing its four valence electrons with four univalent atoms, e.g. hydrogen. After the formation of four bonds, carbon attains the electronic configuration of

45 / 60

Category: Chemistry

Which of the following are homogeneous in nature ? 

(i) ice
(ii) wood
(iii) soil
(iv) air

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Category: Aptitude

Three positions of a dice are given below. Identify the number on the face opposite to 6.

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Category: Aptitude

Satish remembers that his brother's birthday is after fifteenth but before eighteenth of February whereas his sister Kajal remembers that her brother's birthday is after sixteenth but before nineteenth of February. On which day in February is Satish's brother's birthday?

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Category: Aptitude

Find the day of the week on 26 January, 1950

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Category: Aptitude

In a group of cows and hens, the numbers of legs are 14 more than twice the number of heads. How many cows are in the group?

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Category: Aptitude


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Category: Aptitude

(I) A is the son of B
(II) C who is the sister of B has A son D and A daughter E
(III) F is the maternal uncle of D.

How is A related to D?

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Category: Aptitude

Rajan is the brother of Sachin and Manik is the father of Rajan. Jagat is the brother of Priya and Priya is the daughter of Sachin. Who is the uncle of Jagat?

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Category: Aptitude

The figure given below shows the map of the path between Richard's house and his shop. Study the map and answer the following question:

Here, the circular park is given whose radius is 1 km. In which direction his shop lies with respect to park?


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Category: Aptitude

Study the given relationship and complete the following analogies from the two sets of options given.

Square is to (i), as Circle is to (ii)

(i) [A] Rectangle [B] Cube [C] Cuboid [O] Triangle
(ii) [W] Ellipse [X] Ellipsoid [Y] Sphere [X] Line

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Category: Aptitude

In a certain code language tap is written as szo then in the same code language freeze is written as

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Category: Aptitude

If the day before yesterday was Saturday, what day will fall on the day after tomorrow?

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Category: Aptitude

How many numbers from 11 to 50 are there which are exactly divisible by 7 but not divisible by 3?

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Category: Aptitude

 In a row of students of Ravi's class, Ravi is 17th from either end of the row. How many students are there in his class?

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Category: Aptitude

If Kunal says, "John's mother is the only daughter of my mother." how is Kunal related to John?

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Category: Aptitude

Directions: This question is based on the following statements:

Asha and Charu are good in mathematics and yoga. Deepa and Asha are good in yoga and social studies. Charu and Beena are good in general knowledge and mathematics. Deepa, Beena and Ela are good in social studies and general knowledge. Ela and Deepa are good in a social studies and art.

Who is good in social studies, mathematics and yoga?

Jodo Gyan

Mathematics is commonly perceived as a complex and abstract subject. However, there's a growing consensus that this perception is largely due to the traditional emphasis on rote learning of procedures and rules. By adopting a different approach, we can make the learning process more meaningful and engaging for children.

Jodogyan is an approach where the learning activities begin from the world of children – from stories, games, and contexts connected to their lives and each activity has a motivating purpose for children.

The ultimate goal is to create a learning-through-practice experience for children, fostering a crystal-clear grasp of these concepts while enhancing their cognitive abilities. Central to this approach are group activities that facilitate constructive discussions, collaborative learning, and exposure to diverse problem-solving strategies, all contributing to a comprehensive and lucid understanding of mathematics.

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Google Ecosystem

We're all about using Google tools to enhance the way we teach and learn. Our dedicated teachers receive special training to become experts at using Google tools. It's like giving them superpowers to make education more fun and interesting. We've got these amazing mobile labs with Google Chromebooks that make learning hands-on and interactive. Students and teachers can explore, create, and learn together with ease. It's our way of making education accessible and enjoyable for everyone, thanks to the incredible world of Google tools.

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Scotle has collaborated with Mindsprings to rethink and change the English language teaching process to suit Indian children’s needs and aspirations.

Mindsprings is a thought leader in English language education. They publish textbooks to help students learn to speak and write the English language. They also provide training sessions to the teachers to enhance their skills.

We are unique in that we aggressively follow a set of logical thinking premises in formulating strategies based on the nature of the child and his/her natural learning processes. Our curriculum follows VFC (Volume, Frequency, and Context )pedagogy to layer the concept year after year (Grades I to VIII).

We have customized syllabus based on a dynamic process of observation and need. The learning of the child is paramount and our differentiation methods are bold, original, and protean. Success is measurable in the competencies, behaviors, and attitudes of children to learn the language.

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The Olympiad examination encourages students to develop a routine of consistent practice and revision, allowing them to stay closely connected with their academic curriculum. This not only enriches their regular studies but also elevates their comprehension to a higher level. Engaging in these practices aids in the enhancement of cognitive skills such as logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and comprehensive understanding. While preparing for school-level Olympiad exams, students not only learn effective time management but also gain a greater appreciation for their own skill set. Students invest their efforts in a subject of personal interest, resulting in a significant boost to their self-esteem and an increase in their confidence. Through rigorous testing and assessments, they refine their understanding and establish a strong foundation in their chosen topic of interest.

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IC3 (International Career and College Counseling)

We encourage our educators to upskill their knowledge through IC3 (International Career and College Counseling). Our educators are engaging in programs offered by IC3 to elevate their expertise in career and college counseling. We are dedicated to helping students find the right career path through education that will lead to fulfilled, happy, and productive lives. We aim to offer guidance to young minds, assisting them in making informed choices and decisions in their journey of life.

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Venturing into the world of adventure sports and endless fun, with RockSport Adventures. A renowned adventure and campaign group, redefining education for Scotle High School students. RockSport Adventures, committed to fostering teamwork, leadership, and self-confidence through outdoor activities, complements our holistic approach perfectly.

Through this partnership, students gain access to an array of adventure-based programs, aligning with our academic curriculum. From rock climbing to outdoor IC3

leadership workshops, the experiences are both enriching and fun.

For a glimpse into this exciting journey, visit RockSport Adventures. Together, we're shaping a generation of dynamic, confident, and empowered individuals, taking education to new heights.

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India Spell Bee

We believe in providing the students with exposure and a larger platform to hone their skills. So, we host a Spell Bee Contest for students in Grades I to IX, in collaboration with India Spelling Bee. It is a renowned platform for students. Participating in the Spell Bee Contest offers a multitude of advantages that go beyond simply correct spelling. It nurtures language skills, enriches vocabulary, and supports cognitive growth in our students. Moreover, it bolsters their capacity to critically examine word structures, origins, and meanings, ultimately enhancing their overall language comprehension. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event right here on our school website.

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STEM School Highlands Ranch Denver

STEM is an umbrella term used to group together the distinct but related technical disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. High-quality STEM education is a global prerequisite for individual development and participation in a technology-driven world. It enhances critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to innovate openly and responsibly shaping the future.

To bring about a successful transformation in education, teachers play a crucial role. Our project, "Design Thinking in STEM," is a problem-solving approach that emphasizes empathy, collaboration, creativity, and iterative prototyping. It focuses on two specific target groups at the outcome level: teachers, acting as "agents of change," create an environment that encourages creativity and cultivates an innovative mindset among young learners.

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Sunday Bricks

At Scotle we have been actively organizing Six Brick Sessions in collaboration with Sunday Bricks, a unique and engaging program designed to develop a range of crucial skills in our students. These sessions focus on teamwork and creativity using six DUPLO bricks, which have proven to be a powerful learning tool.

These sessions not only involve building intricate LEGO structures but also serve as a platform for enhancing crucial skills. From developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to fostering communication, teamwork, and concentration, these activities go beyond the classroom. Students also refine their listening skills and learn the art of successful collaboration through team tasks. We eagerly anticipate further growth and development as they continue to participate in these sessions.

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