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Welcome to SCOTLE

Here is the website, we hope it gives you a better idea of our school!SCOTLE HIGH SCHOOL is a place for growth and learning, both for students as well as academicians. At SCOTLE, every team member works with utmost enthusiasm and passion towards building the aura that brings out the best in every child. Simultaneously, the Parent Community forms an integral part of our Child Development Programme. We intend to make SCOTLE, the best school in Jaipur and eventually India.Please find time to visit the school premises to feel the difference yourself. We trust you will find it happy, lively and optimum for your child’s development.



Our Vision

The vision of SCOTLE is focused on a modern educational approach that naturally leads to critical thinking skills, an inclusive perspective, and a respect for core ethical values in our students to help them achieve personal success and contribute towards the global community as effective future leaders.

Our Mission

At SCOTLE High School, we adopt a
talent- centric personalized approach. We
acknowledge that every child is skillful;
that all children already have what it takes
to be successful in life. All they need
is a nurturing, interactive and inspiring
environment. Therefore, in addition to the
core curriculum, our trained educators
focus at our student’s unique qualities
that can be further developed and can
lead to exceptional results and
outstanding performance.

Pillars of SCOTLE


SCOTLE at a Glance

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