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Skill Development Programme

An insightful integration of extra co-academics with a child’s academic life is always fruitful in breaking down barriers.

It helps children learn time management, setting priorities, and widen their approach.
We at SCOTLE High School, aim at bringing out the best of students’ talent in the limelight and give it wings in the right direction. Co-academics are great for developing general academic & soft skills, be it, debating, academic competition, or sports teamwork.

We have a thoroughly researched curriculum for Physical Education, STEM Education, Communication Skills along with other Skill Development Programmes.

  • Physical Education: Planned Physical Education not only makes children physically, mentally and emotionally fit but also develop their motor, cognitive and social skills. Moreover, it also helps us to discover the athletes of the future.Develop bonds with schools across the world and share the best practices.
  • STEM Education: STEM Education creates critical thinkers, observers & enables the next generation of innovators. It focuses on the study of teaching and learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
  • Communication Development Programme: Effective communication is a key to success. Therefore, we aim at enhancing our students’ communication skills with the help of a specifically designed curriculum for different grades.
  • Music & Dance: We focus on providing systematic, classical training to our students. Their strong fundamentals prepare them to take up a professional course in the desired fields.
  • Technologically Smart: Students do regular research, programming and practice in international collaboration programmes that enhances their communication and technical skills.

The School of Talented!

At SCOTLE, we aim to fulfil child’s educational and development needs in nurturing environment. Our team is happy to support you and answer all your queries related to the admission process.