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Principal’s Message to the Parents

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students
and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”

The parent – teacher trust and mutual understanding is a real secret to a child’s optimum development. A balance of education at home and school moulds a student’s actual learning. A good parent teacher relation leads the child to be positive towards attending school.

Teachers and parents provide a vital support system to help students flourish. Parents are a child’s first role models; they have a key role in shaping up their character. Children tend to imitate their parents and try to behave in much of a similar manner.

A teacher is a child’s first friend from whom he/she learns his/her social skills, in addition to the educational training.
A teacher thus broadly guides the child and nurtures his/her interests and academic learning.

It is when both the groups work together toward the same goal that one can see significant growth in a child’s development outcome. Therefore, our message to the parents is: Be a helping hand in their educational learning and travel with them as a true inspiration.

Let’s be a role model in shaping our children’s bright future. It is only through a close collaboration and partnership that we can achieve our goal of producing responsible world leaders and sensible global citizens of the imminent future.

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