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Appreciation & Rewards

Appreciation and rewards play a key role in stimulating student’s learning and good behaviour. Student’s motivation affects every aspect of school life from attendance to academic performance to extra co-curricular activities.

We on a regular basis, track every student’s performance & accordingly give rewards and appreciation. We give rewards in the form of e-vouchers, medals, and certifications.
We nurture our students and shape their personalities through a structured award system.


Following are the monthly awards/ titles given to students encouraging them to be hardworking and co-operative:

  • GRADE Nursery to U.K.G:
    1. Most helpful
    2. Dancing superstar
    3. Sunshine kid
    4. Artist of the month
  • GRADE I to IV:
    1. Star of the month (a child who has performed well overall).
    2. Sunshine kid award (given to a child who is always bright, cheerful and happy).
    3. Highest academic performer
    4. Most helping child
    5. Hang in there, you are doing better (a child who has shown tremendous overall growth)
    6. Shower of praise for an exceptional act done by the child.
  • GRADE V onwards:
    1. Leadership Award
    2. Innovator of the month
  • ANNUAL Awards:
    1. Scholar badges for the students of classes ll onwards adjudged ‘Scholars’ on the basis of their scholastic and
    co- scholastic performances during the year.
    2. Awards for 100% attendance
    3. Best class

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