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The vital aspiration of our school is to bring out the best of every student.
With a firm belief that every child is bestowed with certain specific talents, we have designed a curriculum that lays stress on a “Personalised approach towards learning.”

To evoke the maximum academic calibre of each student, we adhere to following practices-

  • Research – Based Curriculum: A content-rich curriculum that encourages children to think deeply and builds on their prior knowledge and experiences.
  • Technologically enhanced classrooms: Using technology to the best in our classrooms turns traditional subjects into interactive and fun sessions.
  • Healthy Students-Teacher ratio: An appropriate ratio gives the students the ability to work diligently while digging deep into the topics. In a small class, students are engaged, focused and enthusiastic about their learning.
  • Regular periodic reporting & updating of student’s academic & co-academic activities (every 15 day): Regular Periodic reporting helps a child enhance his code of conduct which eventually reflects in improvised academic performance. It aims to nurture a child into a well civilised human.
  • Continuous assessments: Continuous assessments motivate students to work consistently. It provides timely indicators and measures to master specific areas in order to attain the best outcome.
  • Regular student counselling: Understanding students’ emotional concerns and giving timely guidance can make a remarkable difference in their overall performance. Students are also given regular guidance to polish their personality.
  • Partnership with parents through regular updates and meetings: A child’s academic success depends to a great extent on parents’ involvement. Regular updates are given to the parents in order to derive the best from each student.

The School of Talented!

At SCOTLE, we aim to fulfil child’s educational and development needs in nurturing environment. Our team is happy to support you and answer all your queries related to the admission process.